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The family business of "Crafty Curves" & "Confectioneries" is designed to meet the local & up-to-date needs of everyone. Noorbee being a combination of Noordin & Hajibee, in commemoration of our late grandparents. Noorbee Crafty Curves holds the branding name of Rosshima & Shazzy while Noorbee Confectioneries portrays the branding name of Mafia Bakery. ~ Shazzy & Shimah ~

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Various Designs Part 1

Shapes based on nature are also available. These shapes are normally combined together to form a set of  chocolate box. Any designs can be chosen and combined to form a perfect chocolate order.
Kami juga menyediakan bentuk yang berasaskan alam semulajadi. Bentuk-bentuk ini biasanya digabungkan antara satu sama lain bagi menghasilkan sebuah set kotak coklat. Mana-mana corak boleh dipilih dan digabungkan untuk memperoleh sebuah tempahan coklat yang sempurna.

~ leaf / daun ~

~ flower / bunga ~

~ shell / siput ~

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